Lefty's New York Pizza whole pepperoni sausage pizza
Lefty's New York Pizza Restaurant Pizza Sauce and Raw Dough
Lefty's New York Pizza appetizer bag in front of the beach in Takahama, Fukui
Beautiful Takahama Sunset

Takahama, Fukui

[July 23, 2023] Come join us for the famous Takahama fireworks, next Tuesday, August 1st.  We will be open for the fireworks and serving pizza, beer, and all of our American style appetizers, such as french fries, tater tots, and chicken wings.  Come say hello as Lefty will be in town ready to celebrate the summer season!

[July 16th, 2023] Aki and Lefty began their journey to bring New York style pizza to Takahama, Fukui just about one year ago.  Their intention was two-fold.  First, they wanted to help revitalize the Takahama, Fukui  community.  Aki grew up in Takahama and the town used to be a bustling destination for people from all over Japan and the world.  Tourism has slowed over the years, but the town remains a beautiful destination that would excite and entertain anyone who visited, from the beautiful beachfront to the friendly and welcoming community.  We want to help support and reinvigorate the community. The second reason was to support the dream of Lefty, who has been hoping to bring new york pizza to Japan, ever since he moved here 11 years ago.  And thus, the two of them joined forces and opened Lefty’s New York Pizza restaurant in Takahama, Fukui!